intro to-a mad world

writing this is very strange and in all honesty if you saw it in a movie your reaction i am sure would be -that could never happen in real life-it can because it did.
i am going to give a brief outline of my book and some of it is not pretty at all but it is all true and very real and is my fight since 2009 for justice for my step daughter and then fighting the systems cohersion and cover ups ending with me having to fight for my own justice

before i start with chapter 3 excerpts i will introduce myself and my background.

i had 2 brothers and 2 sisters of which i am the eldest,my mother was/is such a strong loving character who herself had a very tough life.
my father although sometimes a loving caring father was for the most time a violent gambling drunk.
many a time i went to school with bruises on my body and one time one of my teachers noticed a lack of movement in my arm and asked to see my arm-it was covered in bruises and he was horrified and the bruises showed clearly where i had been grabbed and although out of some sort of misplaced loyalty i insisted i had fell down the stairs i was confident inside he would not believe my story and would act upon it and end our nightmare of a life without me having to say what really happened would be over sadly the teacher mr g did not notify any one and the nightmare went on and on.
very often we did not know where our next meal would come from and about 4 nights a week i would lay awake in bed and wait for my father to come home and for the violance to start with my father and mother which it usually did.
i laid in my bed listening,shaking and crying thinking i am the oldest i should be able to do something to help my mother but at about 9 years old i was scared because if i tried to help i certainly got hurt so both physical and psychological abuse although my only concern back then was my mothers,brothers and sisters safety.

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