schools and social services

What action to take-
 Suspected or Alleged Abuse Outside the School
Any observations made by any staff regarding a child in school indicating possible abuse or
neglect, or any report of suspected abuse or neglect received from a child, should be immediately
reported to the CPO. The CPO will immediately contact the relevant Social Services Department
(SSD) in the area where the child lives and inform the Assessment Team at the Haywards Heath
SSD (Mid-Sussex Locality). The CPO will decide, in conjunction with the SSD‟s, who else needs to
be informed. This will include Key people within the school. The CPO will inform the child‟s
parents/carers of the investigation and outcome, unless a notification is likely to put the child‟s
welfare at risk. The CPO will notify the child‟s placing Authority of the investigation and outcome of
any formal child protection enquiry.


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