msg and the cqc

Dear Mr Gargett,

Thank you for the email.

We aware of an incident that has taken place at The Priory Hospital, Middleton St George. These matters have been looked into by both the Police and the local safeguarding authority who are the lead for investigating allegations of abuse. If you have any individual concerns in this regard you should contact the Police or local authority who will better placed to respond.

It might be helpful to confirm that we undertook inspections at the service the following times:

1) Scheduled unannounced inspection November 2011 ( 2 x compliance actions)
2) Follow up unannounced in April 2012 (compliance actions met).
3) Scheduled unannounced inspection December 2012 (3 x compliance actions)
4) Responsive unannounced inspection January 2013 (Warning Notice)
5) Follow up unannounced inspection February 2013 (Warning Notice and 2 compliance actions met)

The Commission will continue to review information at this service and undertake appropriate inspection activity where required.

I hope you find this helpful.

Yours sincerely


2 responses to “msg and the cqc

  1. Did anything else come out of this other than the response from cqc? Did the hospital accept accountability and responsibility for the incident? I’m going through my own Priory sagas and looking to get in touch with people of a similar experience. i tried to contact the person from the psychiatry ruined my life site but no response. not sure if she still checks. would be gt to hear what happened.

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